Wear Hair Extensions Without Worrying

Hair ExtensionsHair extensions have a notoriety for being time consuming, harmful, and an expense best left to celebrities. Yet, I’ve tried a great deal of them over the course of the years, but tape in extensions is a new twist to this beauty phenomenon. Basically, they give you longer, thicker, shinier hair. Here’s a few reasons why you ought to attempt them:

1. They don’t look fake. Tape-in extensions truly do resemble your own normal head of hair. The bonds lie totally level against the head and are very comfy. Yet, remember that not all hair is made the same. Coordinating hair thickness, color texture, and density is basic to pulling off a consistent look. When you’re at the point of looking for another head of hair, search for 100 percent human hair. Search for either European virgin or Remy hair. In specialized terms, this implies that the hair cuticle is in place and all face the same direction. What does this mean to you? It means that you can style, dry, and iron the expansions pretty much as you would your own hair without apprehension of unnecessary tangles.

2. Getting them placed in and removed is simple. Truly. It takes 90 minutes at best. What’s more, that is for an entire head. The hair is attached to an inch long sticky strip. The beautician peels off the spread (like a sticker), uncovering the adhesive, and sandwiches little segments of your hair between two of these strips. It sounds sufficiently simple for DIY, however the arrangement is basic to the general look, therefore leave it to an experienced beautician. Now in regards to the removal, that is significantly quicker. The tape bonds are soaked in a solute that takes off the adhesive. The beautician can then carefully take the hair off. At that point everything you need is several shampoos to uproot the majority of the solution. Be careful with any remover that contains alcohol or acetone, which can be brutal and drying if left on the hair for a really long time. Stick to a calendar of extension removal and/or reapplication. This should happen about eight to ten weeks. As your hair grows, the bond crawls more distant from the root, and the more distant the bond is from the root, the more probable it will tangle.

3. They’re anything but difficult to watch over. Wash, blow-dry, flatiron, braid, twist, or scrunch them, treat your hair pretty much as you would your own strands. Which is to say, care for them as tenderly as could be expected under the circumstances. Like regular hair, extensions (particularly the glue bonds) are most delicate when they are wet. I like to touch up my roots and bonds with a blow-dryer before tenderly sifting through to detangle. This aides in pulling on any of the wet bonds. Try also sleeping with your hair in a braid to prevent tangling and create easy waves. The hair often holds hairdos better than normal hair does.

4. Your hair wont get damaged. We’ve all heard the traumatic stories of big names who wound up with monstrous patches of baldness or huge amounts of breakage in light of wearing extensions. I would say, if applied effectively and cared for properly, tape-in extensions are no danger to the general strength of your hair. Just a warning however: Hair extensions can totally be addicting! It’s difficult to acknowledge your medium length, slim pony tail knowing that gorgeous long hair is at such easy reach.



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