How To Put On Liquid Foundation

How To Put On Liquid Foundation

How To Put On Liquid Foundation

These are the steps on how to put on liquid foundation. After you have washed your face and it is clean the first step is to moisturize your face. The next step is to apply your primer. A tiny bit of primer goes a long way. Apply it all over your skin. Primer will help with ensuring that your makeup goes on evenly. It will help fill in wrinkles, large open pores and acne scarring. It also helps keep it keep makeup in place all day long. Make sure to lightly pat into the skin. Grab your foundation tool and apply to your face.


The tool to use to apply your foundation can vary. Many people use either a brush or a beauty blender, neither one is wrong. It all depends on preference. I have found that applying with a brush and then smoothing everything out with a beauty blender is quite effective. New trends bring about new tools like plastic makeup applicators or funny shaped brushes. I say experiment with all of them and see what you like best. If you decide you don’t want to use a tool at all and just want to use your fingers that’s ok too, just make sure your fingers are clean.

Steps on how to apply foundation with different tools.

  • Applying with a Brush:
    • Stippling Brush: Distribute foundation evenly throughout the entire face and stipple, which is a fancy word for press onto the skin. Do this until the entire face is covered and even with foundation.
    • Flat Foundation Brush: Apply your foundation with the brush onto the skin and then spread with the brush until the entire face is covered.
    • Oval Brush: Place foundation on the skin with brush and then brush the skin until the foundation covers the entire face.
  • Applying with a Sponge: When applying with a makeup sponge you want to make sure your sponge is wet so that the product is not absorbed by the sponge but instead is on your face. Cover all areas of the face with foundation and blot foundation with the sponge until your foundation is evenly distributed throughout the face.
  • Applying with a Plastic Applicator: Many people will say this is the best way to apply makeup because this item does not absorb any of the product. You’ll want to blot with this as well until the entire face is covered evenly.

When applying foundation make sure to cover all areas of the face, by the hairline on the top, blend by the ears and blend at the neck. Those are very telling areas of the skin so if your foundation does not reach these areas your cover will be blown.

Watch this video for an awesome guide on how to apply your foundation.



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