How to Apply Lipstick Neatly

How to Apply Lipstick Neatly

Applying liquid lipsticks is quite challenging. Any slip of the hand can make or break your look. And to clean it up and fix it can seem very scary. We’ll go over how to apply lipstick neatly.

Before applying lipstick

Before beginning any lipstick application you want to make sure that your lips are nice and smooth. To do this simply apply a lip scrub to your lips and scrub away. You don’t even have to buy a lip scrub. You can make one yourself by mixing honey and sugar and placing them on your lips.

Why apply a lipstick with a brush?

It’s a good idea to use a brush because you get more control and precision. You control where the brush goes and how thick of a line or how much you want to fill in with it. ¬†Make sure you are using a lip brush to apply your lipstick and not just any random brush.

Let’s get started!

Take your lip brush and apply product on it. Whether it is a lipstick or a liquid lipstick it doesn’t really matter. Start at the cupids bow making sure to smile a bit so that it pops up a bit. Create a cross on the cupids bow to ensure that both sides are even. Pick up more product as needed. For those tough corners of the mouth place the brush at the corner and then drag up to meet the lines made at the cupids bow. Now you can easily fill in the rest of the top of the lip.

For the bottom lip, fill in the center of the lip with the lipstick. This creates a roadmap of sorts so that you have a guide on where the lip brush should aim towards from the corners of the mouth. Once you’ve connected the corners to the middle of the lip fill in the rest of the lip with your lip brush. You can then add an additional layer with the actual lipstick to reveal the truest color of your lipstick.

To clean up any flaws take some concealer and a concealer brush and neaten up and sharpen up the outside of the line. And you’re done!




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