How To Apply Eyeshadow Step By Step

How To Apply Eyeshadow Step By Step

How to apply eyeshadow step by step: Applying eyeshadow can be done before or after you’ve applied your foundation, Although many prefer to apply before doing their faces. This is because if there should be any fallout from your eyeshadow onto your face then there will be no issue to easily clean it up.


  1. Clean up your eyebrows. Trust me when I tell you that a clean eyebrow can make a makeup look that much better. You can tweeze them, wax them, thread them, whatever you prefer.
  2. Prime. Why prime? Priming helps give you a blank clean even canvas to create your artwork. This also helps your eyeshadow stay on all day.
  3. Apply skin tone powder. By doing this you are setting your primer. It also makes your eyeshadow easier to blend and creates a smooth looking base.
  4. Shadow on the crease. Usually you would apply a slightly darker tone on the crease. This creates a gradient to your eyeshadow look. It’s called a transition shade.
  5. Shadow on the lid. For the lid for a simple look you can add a light shade. This makes your look universally flattering.
  6. Create dimension. Add a darker shadow on the outer third aiming towards the crease and then lightly outline the crease. Blend it out with a blending brush to remove any harsh lines for a smooth gradient.
  7. Apply eyeliner, eyelashes and mascara.




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