5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

Dear younger me…

As you go on in life you learn important and highly valuable life lessons. We all live and learn and have information that we wish we could relay to our younger selves. Since time travel still isn’t a thing (yet 👀) then these are some of the times that I wish I knew but can instead impart on today’s youth.. No this is something I’d like to share with everyone!

Wear sunscreen… and ladies cover those boobies!

I cannot express how important sunscreen is. And not just any sunscreen but broad spectrum sunscreen that blocks from both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning/cancer causing) rays. My reason why kids should wear sunscreen from birth if they will be out in the sun? Those aging UVA rays catch up to you so that the more you are in the sun without protection the more your skin starts to sag.

You don’t see it right away but you will in your 40’s if you don’t wear sun protection! And trust me, saggy skin on your face, decolletage, chest, arms or wherever are not sexy, at least not in this or the foreseeable generations.

Sure, being sexy and showing a bit of cleavage is always fun when you’re young, if your into that, but trust me, saggy boobs are not what’s up! How do you prevent saggy breast? Cover up with a swimsuit that covers that area. I’m not even 40 yet but I can already see the damage that I’ve done to my skin all those years not wearing sunscreen or covering up at the beach for countless summers. Fixing this one is very costly and painful. Don’t make this mistake!

Fit/Healthy Body: Fruits, Veggies and Water, Non-negotiable!

If you are blessed with unicorn genes then no matter what you eat you will forever have a slim body (and I hate you! Ok I don’t, I’m just jealous). But if you’re like me, a simpleton not blessed with forever skinny genes, who have to actually work for fitness 😭, then this is what I would tell my younger self:

I know not everybody loves fruits, vegetables or water but there is a reason they are so heavily pushed for a healthy body. Fruits and vegetables have important nutrients that your body needs (cue eye rolls 😑), they also help to speed up your metabolism, especially water! The other reason?

They help you #2 💩! Have you noticed all these flat tummy teas and pills and laxatives that are making millions off of people’s struggle with weight-loss? How do those teas and pills and powders make you feel just to make you go? I don’t know about you but they give me intense stomach pain that catch me off guard, make me sweat and are definitely not pleasant. 

Teenage me: But fruits, veggies and water taste boring and gross!

Older me: If they do, you’re doing it wrong, get creative with your foods.

Why cause yourself trouble when nature created this cure for you in a less expensive, painless and tasty form? Yes one of the biggest keys to weight loss is to expel waste (whaaaa?… mind blown!) and eating these will get you there. And yes, diet and exercise help but that isn’t everything.

So what would I tell my teenage self? Eat more fruits, veggies and drink more water if you want a flatter stomach!

 Don’t Rush Love

When I was younger I focused so much unnecessary attention on being in a relationship. Of course having someone and being in a relationship feels great but pressuring yourself to be in a relationship is different. If you can find a significant other that fits your personality, you trust each other and you compliment each other well at a young age then I commend you.

Why do I say don’t rush love? Because when it’s right you feel it in your gut, there’s nothing holding you back and it’s just an amazing feeling. But when you rush it and you push for something that is absolutely not meant to be, you end you in awful relationships that wastes your time and leads to heart ache. The right love will come eventually, be patient.

Now granted, each of my terrible relationships and heartbreaks taught me important life lessons, thickened my skin and helped mold me into the person I am today. However after each of those relationships I had wished I could’ve avoided those wrenching heartaches. Let’s be real, breakups at any age suck! But I just feel like I could’ve been focusing on so much better things at that age.

Which leads me to my next point…

Make a career of what makes you happy

Now that I am well in my 30’s I’ve found my life’s calling, the thing that I want to do for the rest of my life that will earn money and still make me happy. But it took me some time to get there. Granted, I am only in my 30’s so its not that I’ve lost much time but I really feel that I could’ve reached this journey faster if I hadn’t had distractions (naughty boyfriends and yada yada yada).

Finding my career…

Like most, after graduating college I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, career-wise. I, like the rest of the graduates in my family, decided to follow the path of my wiser professional relatives. I did this because it was easier and it was a path that already had a blueprint that I understood and thought I wanted. (Till this day the younger graduates in my family are still doing this). Mid-way in this path something, or life, stopped me. In doing so, I realized I absolutely did not want to become a professional in this career because I actually did not like it.

No career, what now?

I was back to square one. There was a point in my life where I asked myself, what now?  I refused to take any further steps and waste my time in the “family profession”, but I had to do something to make money.

I literally sat down and really had a conversation with myself (not like a loonie). If I could be doing anything that made me happy punching in hours, what would it be? It’s not an easy question because there are many factors to consider: Location, Training, Time, Money, etc. I did my brainstorming and decided that I love makeup and skin care and want to center my career in that… and the rest as they say is history.

I am now a blogger, spa owner, eCommerce entrepreneur and a growing social influencer. I’m not going to say that I am exactly where I want to be in each of those things but now I know eventually I’ll get there. It all took baby steps and I am still learning and growing in each thing respectively but I’ve never been happier.

Listen to your intuition… saying no is Ok

I’ve always been one of those people that likes to please others and make others happy despite how it affected me. That has gotten me in trouble in my youth. But worst of all, I’ve made some very poor decisions because of it. Despite what my gut was telling me I still went ahead and made terrible decisions that ended very badly.

Being positive and making others happy shouldn’t affect you negatively. Don’t ever let yourself feel pressured into any situation. Saying no is Ok. People forget and get over things and when you’re older none of it really matters anymore. If your gut is telling you something is off, trust it! I cannot emphasize that enough. This is true in any situation, a job, a relationship, a move, whatever the case, consult with your intuition first.

Truth is, we usually always know the answer to those hard questions, it’s just that sometimes we just don’t want to accept reality or don’t want to upset others. They’ll live and so will you.

So younger me (and by that I mean you), make sure to love but don’t give your heart to just anyone. Live, but make sure your intuition agrees with your decisions. Work, but only for that which makes you happy and eat right for a longer, healthy life.

…and more tips to live by

  • Don’t feel defeated if you messed up. Use all failures and mistakes as lessons that can help you grow.
  • Walk more, it burns calories!
  • The grass is not always greener on the other side, water what you have.
  • Getting trashed with alcohol is over-rated and unnecessary. You will regret it in the morning. You can have a great time with less drinks and even no drinks. (Yes, it is possible, stop being so negative!) If you feel like you do need a substance to have a good time there may be a deeper problem to address.
  • Time heals wounds… but in the meantime distract yourself with a new hobby or project!
  • Helping others in need is a great way of curbing sadness. Making others happy can in turn make you happy. Go be a volunteer!

What are some tips you would tell your younger self?



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